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Publicity stunt

n. an event staged to get public attention or for marketing purposes

In the industry, the fake becomes genuine more often than you think. Things that start off simply as a publicity stunt often develops into something more. Such is the case for the beautiful Jasmine Bogaerde, a new comer in the music industry whose father recently married Jay Tomlinson. Tasked to go on a tour with five seemingly normal lads, the petite lass unknowingly gets herself in a screwball situation. The lads’ manager called it ‘the big stunt’ that would gain them the public’s full attention, but is that what Jasmine was looking for? Will getting into kooky situations and occasional fights all be worth it in the end? Guess you’ll just have to find out yourself.

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When Harry is shipped off to America to change his attitude, thinking it will be a piss about. However when he comes to terms that these guys are serious about discipline he starts to change. Especially when he meets their beautiful daughter Florence who hates the badass Harry. Will she change him for good? Or is he too far gone to be saved?

Click here to read World’s Strictest Parents by horanwhore-beckielouisa.

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I updated the shit out of my own crackship fan fiction, so check it out if you want! :)

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Love your blog so much its amazayn :) Mind checking out mine?? xx

Of course, but I can’t follow on this account as it’s only a sub blog :) thanks babe xx

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any story submissions? :)

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It’s mostly about ehm… One Direction and three girls and I’m trying to get as many 1D fans in the story as possible.

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The small stories of regular teenage girls put from fantasies in the mind to stories on paper. A collection of small one shots from the horribly sad to the elevating happy. Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn all star in these short stories.

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Tilly was a normal girl, going to school, getting the grades, falling in love and meeting up with friends. Until that fateful day. Then her life was a continuous downward spiral. People in her school know he past and are there to judge her. There in the middle of the chaos is a Knight in Shinning Armour….or will he cause her more distress?

WARNING: This fanfic contains contents of rape and miscarriage, if these are upsetting incidents for you I urge you not read. Thank You.

Click here to read Poker Face by horanwhore-beckielouisa.

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When Cameron is giving the offer to work with her Dad with a famous band how could she turn it down? She just thinks that she is going to work there until she meets Louis Tomlison. Will it be Love? Will there be drama? Will she cope with her hideous hag of a mother? Read to find out. 

Click here to read Baby You Light Up My World Like Nobody Else by horanwhore-beckielouisa.

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